I did not fly to San Antonio for the June 23-26 ISTE 2013 Conference, I followed it from Paris, and was fired-up by that same buzz and passion streaming through live Twitter feeds which kept me glued for 3 days in some virtual jetlagged space. The amazing participants’ motivation shared on the conference’s fire, could be measured, not only by the amount of #Iste13 tweets, but also by the extra care taken to share most tweets with a related link – a true touch of class for remote followers! Thank you all for the awesome take-aways which I’ve now posted on my public Diigo library.

As the conference has been extensively blogged, with sessions and keynotes profusely acclaimed, I would like to focus on one particular aspect that had a great impact on me: The Ignite sessions. Ignite sessions, designed by O’Reilly Media in 2006, have become an ISTE tradition and could be the answer to George Couros’s question:

“What does your school do to promote the sharing of your expertise?”

Ignite is a fast moving event where presenters have 5 minutes and 20 images to tell their story, share what ignites their passions, and inspires their audience. “Speakers use 20 slides, rotated automatically and each shown for 15 seconds—this could be a professional practice from the classroom, excitement about a new tool that will spark creativity for their students, or a personal story of student engagement. The presentations are meant to ignite participants by generating awareness and stimulating thought and action.”

Adopting Ignite presentation model in schools:

Now that a great part of school meetings’ agendas can be addressed ahead of time via Google Docs collaboration, more time is available for sharing ideas. I can see Ignite as a perfect format to re-connect school communities and open the floor to anyone, faculty, staff, parents or students, eager to share passion and expertise to spread the fire.

The two videos posted below are vivid illustrations of teachers and students’ passion generated by Ignite fast spaced presentations:

Examples of some ISTE13 Ignite sessions: Move play head to 0:19:38 to start Ignite sessions

Student’s model of Ignite presentation that will blow you away!

3 thoughts on “Ignite!

  1. Yes, this is great. It’s exactly the same model as “Pecha Kucha” – 20 images, 20 seconds per image.
    We are doing a modified version of this for the Savoie trip (only five images, though)

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